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Author Archives for Eric Klein

Why normalized data matters

We are monitoring import cargo for 68 terminals in the US and Canada today, and while 68 isn’t a massive number of sites, it does represent a significant undertaking in cleaning up data that is incredibly inconsistent. Before we launched our platform, if you were trying to find out the... read more

How we provide the most accurate container data available today

We get asked a lot about where we get our data. The short answer is: from a lot of places. And that’s the secret…which isn’t really a secret. In order for us to be a universal source for data about inbound cargo into the US and Canada, we aggregate information from a number... read more

Your data: access and share with APIs

Too often, crucial data about your import containers is incomplete, isolated on different websites and systems, or missing all together. You need complete data to get complete visibility into your container’s journey from origin to destination terminal. However, providing visibility into all of your container’s information is just part of the solution. What’s just... read more

Organization accounts for better collaboration

Tracking and delivering containers is not a one person job. The process includes multiple touch points along a container’s path from origin to destination, involving multiple parties within your own company and beyond. In essence, it’s a team effort. In order to make it easier for teams to collaborate and track... read more

Navis World 2017

I fondly remember my first Navis World conference over 17 years ago as an opportunity to share and discuss the future of things in the port industry with a great convergence of terminal operators. At that time, gate automation was just starting to show up. Looking at the Navis World 2017 conference coming... read more

We don’t have a plan, a pilot program or a test project

Having worked in the logistics industry for more than 20 years, I can tell you that everyone is still complaining about the same issues year after year. Talk to anyone in the industry, or look on social media or a trade publication, and you’ll see the same things. We need... read more

Container tracking service, with a focus on service

In the last few months we’ve tracked more than 4,000 port calls and 15,000 containers, and processed more than 3.8 million discrete data events. You simply can’t do this without a sophisticated system to manage the data. But you also can’t do this with technology alone. You still need people.... read more

Happy holidays from Crux Systems

When I was a kid one of my favorite things about the holidays was seeing delivery trucks pull into our driveway, bringing presents from relatives who lived out of town. The anticipation of what was coming was almost as exciting as actually opening the presents themselves. And while knowing where your cargo... read more

Vessel tracking done right

Back in September just before the Hanjin crisis broke out, we were busy building a new means for tracking container vessels arriving into the United States. It was this early development that allowed us to watch the impending doom happen in near real time when the Hanjin bankruptcy began to... read more

Plan your container arrivals

We recently launched a new dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all the containers you’re tracking, making it easy to identify the containers that have issues. The dashboard has everything you need to know about your containers, including current status, location, vessel information, holds and more. With the most... read more

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