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Why normalized data matters

We are monitoring import cargo for 68 terminals in the US and Canada today, and while 68 isn’t a massive number of sites, it does represent a significant undertaking in cleaning up data that is incredibly inconsistent. Before we launched our platform, if you were trying to find out the... read more

Container tracking 101

Finding out the current status of your import container shouldn’t require you to go to multiple websites and other sources, send emails, or make phone calls. It should be drop-dead simple. So we made the process of getting container status information as easy as a Google search. Here’s how it... read more

Typos can mean lost time and money

With so many different parties involved in moving an import container through a terminal, it’s not surprising that information sometimes gets lost or mixed up along the way. It’s even more likely for mistakes to happen when data is being transcribed from websites or emails to spreadsheets and back again.... read more

How we provide the most accurate container data available today

We get asked a lot about where we get our data. The short answer is: from a lot of places. And that’s the secret…which isn’t really a secret. In order for us to be a universal source for data about inbound cargo into the US and Canada, we aggregate information from a number... read more

Your data: access and share with APIs

Too often, crucial data about your import containers is incomplete, isolated on different websites and systems, or missing all together. You need complete data to get complete visibility into your container’s journey from origin to destination terminal. However, providing visibility into all of your container’s information is just part of the solution. What’s just... read more

Organization accounts for better collaboration

Tracking and delivering containers is not a one person job. The process includes multiple touch points along a container’s path from origin to destination, involving multiple parties within your own company and beyond. In essence, it’s a team effort. In order to make it easier for teams to collaborate and track... read more

Find what you’re looking for

Faster, easier and more insightful. Those are the goals we’ve kept in mind for the watchlist. If you’re tracking a lot of containers, though, you need tools to quickly identify specific containers. Our new watchlist features will help you do just that. Filter your watchlist For high priority containers, you can mark them... read more

Easily add containers to your watchlist

We’ve now made it even easier for you to add containers to your watchlist. Click the “add containers” button in your watchlist, and you can upload a CSV file or drag and drop a file as an attachment. Or, you can copy and paste all of your container numbers at... read more

We don’t have a plan, a pilot program or a test project

Having worked in the logistics industry for more than 20 years, I can tell you that everyone is still complaining about the same issues year after year. Talk to anyone in the industry, or look on social media or a trade publication, and you’ll see the same things. We need... read more

New tools: favorites and notes

Have you ever wished you could highlight your most important containers? How about adding notes to specific containers? Yes you have! So with input from our community of users, we recently added these new features to our platform. Favorites Now, you can favorite the containers you want to highlight in either... read more

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