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Typos can mean lost time and money

With so many different parties involved in moving an import container through a terminal, it’s not surprising that information sometimes gets lost or mixed up along the way. It’s even more likely for mistakes to happen when data is being transcribed from websites or emails to spreadsheets and back again.... read more

Most common job in the US: truck driver

The most common job in 29 states is being a truck driver, and yet there’s a chronic shortage of drivers in the industry. Issues such as driver pay, regulations governing training and hours, and aging drivers are just some of the factors contributing to the shortage. To address the driver... read more

Thanks, drivers

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and we wanted to say thanks to all the drivers who cover thousands of miles to bring us the items we use every day. A quick look at the impact of truck drivers on the economy: drivers covered more than 421 billion miles in... read more

A driver’s 14-hour day

In a driver’s typical 14-hour day, they will spend nearly as much time waiting for pickups or drop offs, handling inspections, and dealing with paperwork and other tasks as they will actually driving. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Hours of Service regulations say that drivers can spend 660 minutes of... read more

Trucking services app now available

We’re excited to announce that Crux Systems trucking services are now available for trucking companies, dispatchers and drivers. A web app for dispatchers and an iOS app for drivers provide trucking companies with more insight into their delivery order status, container availability, routes and processing than ever before. How it... read more

Logistics companies in the collaborative economy

More and more companies are finding innovative ways to tap into the collaborative economy and make use of idle resources or excess capacity. While companies that enable people to get what they need directly from their peers are most often associated with the collaborative economy (like Uber, Airbnb and Etsy),... read more

Delivering efficiently today

The backlog of cargo at West Coast ports has been clearing up, but problems still remain. Big improvements with terminal delays will certainly come when terminals work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, which is the norm at other comparable large port complexes. But who can hold their breath... read more

Help test our beta app

We’re getting ready to release our new app, which will help improve turnaround times for street trucks picking up and delivering cargo to marine terminals. But first, we’re looking for a few trucking companies who would like to help test our beta app. Initially, the app will allow trucking companies... read more


The problems with gate congestion extend beyond marine terminals. But too often, the solutions only address issues at the marine terminal gates. One of the most talked-about solutions for gate congestion is appointments — specific time slots allocated to a trucker to visit a marine terminal. The goal is to... read more

Seamless gate processing

Our mission is to help trucks move through marine terminals faster. To do this, we partner with gate providers to bring truckers through the gate processing in a seamless manner. Today, terminals and gate providers have to rely on external sensors or terminal personnel to capture data. That results in... read more

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