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Crux Systems delivers the information that cargo owners, freight forwarders, and trucking companies need to move cargo more efficiently through terminals. We bring together all of the information you need about your import containers in one place, so you get complete visibility into all of the data for your containers, updated in real time. Plan for your container arrivals, manage your cargo, and collaborate with your supply chain partners using our cloud platform and APIs.


Import container tracking

Get real-time location and status information for any import container in North America from a single place. Use the dashboard to collaborate with your team and resolve issues with containers to avoid costly delays. You’ll never again have to use multiple websites, send emails, or make phone calls to try to track down your containers.

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Crux Systems APIs

If you’re dealing with large amounts of data, our APIs are the fastest and most effective ways to import your data into our platform, and share data with your supply chain partners. Our APIs push data directly from our service to third parties, so updates are received in real time.

Marine terminal solutions

When BCOs, freight forwarders, and truckers can move cargo more quickly through your terminal, you have happy customers. Cargo owners and trucking companies who use our platform to track their import containers are able to reduce their dwell times, meaning better throughput for your terminal. Our data can help you streamline your operations. Contact us to find out more.