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Crux Insights

Stop searching for your containers

Sure, it’s great to have one place to search for all of your import containers. But what if you didn’t even have to search for a container at all? Simply email us your container numbers – no searching required. We’ll automatically save the containers to your account and send you... read more

Happy holidays from Crux Systems

When I was a kid one of my favorite things about the holidays was seeing delivery trucks pull into our driveway, bringing presents from relatives who lived out of town. The anticipation of what was coming was almost as exciting as actually opening the presents themselves. And while knowing where your cargo... read more

Making it easy to share data

When we talk about an easy way to share data, we’re not talking about EDI. Many logistics companies use electronic data interchange standards to exchange data about bills of lading, bookings, and cargo releases. It’s supposed to make things easier, but the reality is more complicated. According to a survey... read more

Vessel tracking done right

Back in September just before the Hanjin crisis broke out, we were busy building a new means for tracking container vessels arriving into the United States. It was this early development that allowed us to watch the impending doom happen in near real time when the Hanjin bankruptcy began to... read more

Plan your container arrivals

We recently launched a new dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all the containers you’re tracking, making it easy to identify the containers that have issues. The dashboard has everything you need to know about your containers, including current status, location, vessel information, holds and more. With the most... read more

When the data tells of impending doom

Making sense of big data is no small challenge. But making sense of big data can tell some fascinating stories. As the story was unfolding about the failure of the world’s seventh-largest ocean carrier, Hanjin, we saw the impact on the supply chain happening in real time. In the last 30... read more

The digitization of ports

For those of you struggling to get updates on your transiting Hanjin cargo, the topic of digitization in ports could not be more timely. On October 13, I’ll be addressing this topic at the TOC Americas conference in Cancun, Mexico in a panel discussion along with Adam Compain of ClearMetal and Adam... read more

The container terminal visibility blind spot – via American Shipper

When it comes to information about container availability and location in the marine terminals, there’s a black hole. We’re working on shedding some light on the subject. An article in American Shipper this week featured our CEO Eric Klein and highlights how our platform provides terminals, freight companies and BCOs... read more

Most common job in the US: truck driver

The most common job in 29 states is being a truck driver, and yet there’s a chronic shortage of drivers in the industry. Issues such as driver pay, regulations governing training and hours, and aging drivers are just some of the factors contributing to the shortage. To address the driver... read more

Upcoming webinar: stop searching and start saving

On Tuesday, August 9 I’ll be hosting a live webinar designed to help freight forwarders and truckers save countless hours by automating their import container status searches. Join us to learn: 1. How manually searching for flawed or stale container status information kills productivity. 2. How our import container tracking tools work to... read more

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