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Crux Insights

Welcome to the team

We’re happy to announce a new member of our team, Maxwell Mears. Prior to joining Crux Systems, Maxwell held a career in entertainment and marketing in the Reno/Tahoe area. Finding the technical aspects of these fields most exciting, he made the move to Silicon Valley in pursuit of a career... read more

Delivering efficiently today

The backlog of cargo at West Coast ports has been clearing up, but problems still remain. Big improvements with terminal delays will certainly come when terminals work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, which is the norm at other comparable large port complexes. But who can hold their breath... read more

Faster turnaround times for trucks – via Port Strategy

Last week, our CEO Eric Klein spoke with Port Strategy about how Crux Systems is helping truckers better manage deliveries, gain visibility into routes and speed up processing. “The aim behind the app is simple to alleviate truck congestion. Truck visibility has always been a bit of a black hole... read more

Help test our beta app

We’re getting ready to release our new app, which will help improve turnaround times for street trucks picking up and delivering cargo to marine terminals. But first, we’re looking for a few trucking companies who would like to help test our beta app. Initially, the app will allow trucking companies... read more

We’re hiring!

At Crux Systems, we’re building applications from the ground up to change the logistics market. If you’d like to join our team, email us at with a link to your LinkedIn profile and your GitHub profile (if you’d like to showcase any projects or contributions) and we’ll get back to... read more


The problems with gate congestion extend beyond marine terminals. But too often, the solutions only address issues at the marine terminal gates. One of the most talked-about solutions for gate congestion is appointments — specific time slots allocated to a trucker to visit a marine terminal. The goal is to... read more

Seamless gate processing

Our mission is to help trucks move through marine terminals faster. To do this, we partner with gate providers to bring truckers through the gate processing in a seamless manner. Today, terminals and gate providers have to rely on external sensors or terminal personnel to capture data. That results in... read more

How large will the ships get?

With the launch of the MSC Oscar, which can carry more than 19,000 shipping containers, the new bench mark for the largest vessel on Earth has been set. I remembered when the Regina Maersk was the talk of the industry when I first started my career with Maersk Line in... read more

The final mile

The US logistics market moves more than $1 trillion worth of goods each year. This covers everything from the ships that carry cargo from abroad through our ports, to the trains and distribution centers that move and sort cargo through the interior of the country. But what about the truckers... read more

Getting to the Crux of congestion – via WorldCargo News

WorldCargo News recently posted an article about solutions that ports are looking at in order to help reduce landside congestion, including Crux Systems. Our CEO, Eric Klein, described how the Crux Systems app will help trucks move through marine terminals faster. “At the moment, said Klein, a trucker serving a port... read more

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